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The work of Decision is maintained with the offerings it receives from those who identify with its mission. The announcement of the Good News, the development of evangelistic tools, the trainings and activities involve expenses, as well as time and effort.
To invest in Decision is to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Our ability to act depends largely on funding, so we encourage you to collaborate with us. It is a privilege to be able to participate in the growth of the kingdom in areas that we could not reach individually.
Remember, moreover, all offerings are tax deductible only in the EEUU giving in
We have an agreement with OC for United States of America offerings.


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Bank transfer :

Bank holder:  Comunidad Cristiana Evangélica Decision
Address: Calle Mequinenza, 20 Local – 28022 Madrid, Spain
Bank address: LOPEZ DE HOYOS, 135  –  MADRID 28002, SPAIN
IBAN:   ES47
Bank acount: 0049 1828 25 2410167951
INTERNATIONAL:   SWIFT BSCH ES MM XXX VIC ES47 0049 1828 25 2410167951
OC INTERNATIONAL  (Only Tax Deductible in the EEUU)


Name of project: Decision

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