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A unique opportunity to bring God’s love to the most needy communities. During the conference you will learn to share your faith in many different ways, through volunteer work, sports, mime, illusionism, and leisure activities for children and friendship. You will also get to know the Word of God better and discover or perfect your abilities and gifts for serving God through lectures and workshops. Participating gives God an opportunity to show you what He can do with you.
Conference participants collaborate with one another to demonstrate God’s love in a practical way. Some of these activities include blood donation, restoring beaches, cleaning parks, painting sports centers, and visits to nursing homes. We also do a benefit concert for a local NGO.
During the conference a Basketball Tournament will take place, focused on values, run by technicians who integrate sports and principles well, based on Fair Play. We invite the city’s youth to participate in order to promote and foster friendship and healthy fun.
Few read the Bible in Spain. Most identify themselves as Christians but have no personal relationship with Christ. As part of the conference a Festival is put on to promote Bible reading among children with puppet shows, clowns and crafts. For the same reason, we also put on a Summer Cinema, illusion, mime and exhibitions.
The conference dedicates an important portion of time to the training of its participants -training in various areas of Christian life, with particular emphasis on the practical application of the teachings of Jesus.


Year Town
1977 Puente Genil (Córdoba)
San Pedro de Alcántara (Málaga)
Montoro (Córdoba)
1978 Huesca (Huesca)
Cabra (Córdoba)
1979 Badajoz (Badajoz)
Martos (Jaén)
1980 Ávila (Ávila)
1981 Motril (Granada)
Valls (Tarragona)
1982 Avilés (Asturias)
Figueras (Girona)
1983 Oviedo (Asturias)
1984 Salt (Girona)
Montilla (Córdoba)
1985 Marchena (Sevilla)
Ubeda (Jaén)
1986 Puertollano (Ciudad Real)
1987 Béjar (Salamanca)
1988 Puebla del Río (Sevilla)
Mejorada del Campo (Madrid)
1989 Rosas (Girona)
Calahorra (La Rioja)
1990 El Palo (Málaga)
Murcia (Murcia)
1991 Baena (Córdoba)
1993 Burriana (Castellón)
1994 Cáceres (Cáceres)
1995 Tarancón (Cuenca)
1996 Écija (Sevilla)
1997 Carballo (La Coruña)
1998 Villajoyosa (Alicante)
Estella (Navarra)
1999 La Rinconada (Sevilla)
2001 Palencia (Palencia)
2003 Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca)
2004 Onda (Castellón)
Aranda de Duero (Burgos)
2005 L’Alfàs del Pí (Alicante)
2006 Manlleu (Barcelona)
Salou (Tarragona)
2007 Villarubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real)
2008 Zaragoza (Zaragoza)
Palma del Río (Córdoba)
2009 Baeza (Jaén)
Daimiel (Ciudad Real)
2010 Fuengirola (Málaga)
2012 Sedaví (Valencia)
Órgiva (Granada)
2013 Illescas (Toledo)
Velilla de San Antonio (Madrid)
2014 Hinojosa del Duque (Córdoba)
Axarquía (Málaga)
2015 Ondarroa (Vizcaya)
Sigüenza (Guadalajara)
2016 Guadarrama (Madrid)
Monzón (Huesca)
2017 Sabiñánigo (Huesca)
2018 Guardamar (Alicante)
Pedrezuela (Madrid)
2019 La Nucía (Alicante)
San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia)
2021 Cazalla de la Sierra (Sevilla)
2022 Pedrera (Sevilla)
2023 Bigastro (Alicante)
Cártama (Málaga)


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